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Martha J. Trist Burke’s “Relics from ‘Monticello,’” 9 Aug. 1888

Relics from “Monticello” 1st The old french clock supported between black marble Obelisks. This clock was brought from France by Thomas Jefferson, and stood always near the head of his bed on a wooden bracket which is at Edgehill. When the sale of Mr Jefferson’s personal property took place at ...

Martha J. Trist Burke’s Notes on Trist Family History, [ca. 1888–1901]

My great grandfather “Nicholas Trist,” (Son of Browse & Elizabeth Trist of the town of Devonshire England) came to America during the Revolution, and was Lieutenant in the “Royal Irish” of which his brother Browse Trist was Col at Bunker Hill My great grandfather married in Phila a Miss ...

Elizabeth Marks Bedford to Eleanor E. Wright, 17 Dec. 1914

I am sending you the Papers in reference to my Mother and Father as I told you I would I have been very sick for the last six weeks or I would of sent them sooner Hopeing you may be successfull in placing them and the articles I gave you where they will be taken care of