Extract from Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Address at the Jackson Day Dinner

Thomas Jefferson is a hero to me despite the fact that the theories of the French Revolutionists at times overexcited his practical judgment. He is a hero because, in his many-sided genius, he too did the big job that then had to be done–to establish the new republic as a real democracy based on universal suffrage and the inalienable rights of man, instead of a restricted suffrage in the hands of a small oligarchy. Jefferson realized that if the people were free to get and discourse all the facts, their composite judgment would be better than the judgment of a self-perpetuating few. That is why I think of Jefferson as belonging to the rank and file of both major political parties today.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, “Address at Jackson Day Dinner,” 8 Jan. 1940. Published by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, eds., American Presidency Project (accessed 2014).
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
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January 8, 1940
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