Extract from Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Undelivered Address prepared for Jefferson Day

In this historic year, more than ever before, we do well to consider the character of Thomas Jefferson as an American citizen of the world. As Minister to France, then as our first Secretary of State and as our third President, Jefferson was instrumental in the establishment of the United States as a vital fact in international affairs. It was he who first sent our Navy into far-distant waters to defend our rights. And the promulgation of the Monroe Doctrine was the logical development of Jefferson’s far-seeing foreign policy. Today this Nation which Jefferson helped so greatly to build is playing a tremendous part in the battle for the rights of man all over the world.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, “Undelivered Address Prepared for Jefferson Day,” 13 Apr. 1945. Published by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, eds., American Presidency Project (accessed 2014).
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
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April 13, 1945
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