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Extract from Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, 20 Dec. 1787 [Quote]

I think our governments will remain virtuous for many centuries; as long as they are chiefly agricultural; and this will be as long as there shall be vacant lands in any part of America. when they get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, they will become corrupt as in Europe.

Amelie de Monville to Martha Jefferson (Randolph), [ca. 1787]

Je m’empresse de répondre au désir que tu as la bonté de me témoigner de recevoir tout de suite de mes nouvelles, je suis charmée d’apprendre par la tienne les circonstances qui m’ont privée de la recevoir plutôt, et que ton amitié pour moi n’est pas changée plus que la miene à ton égard, je me...

Bridget Hawkins (Roper-Curzon) to Martha Jefferson (Randolph), [ca. 1788]

I thought My Dr Jefferson we had made an agreement to write to each other once every week—just before I left London I wrote you a letter of 5 pages, (therefore you can not complain of its shortness) & have not received any answer whatsoever—I have puzzled my brain for some days past to find...

Bridget Hawkins (Roper-Curzon) to Martha Jefferson (Randolph), [ca. 1788]

Abscence my Dr Jef certainly enhances the value of those we love & makes us more anxious for their welfare—since I left Paris I do not remember anything to have afforded me so much real satisfaction as your last letter—I began to be very uneasy at your long silence fearing it might be...

Bridget Hawkins (Roper-Curzon) to Martha Jefferson (Randolph), [ca. 1788]

Il mia cara sorella spero che portate béne—surprised really astonished at my own cleverness, you must give me credit my Dr Jef for half a hundred good things I could have said, or more properly speaking wrote in this letter, had I not treasured up all the wit I am mistress of, in one corner of my...

Bridget Hawkins (Roper-Curzon) to Martha Jefferson (Randolph), [ca. 1788]

I am really quite ashamed to think that I have received your letter above ten days & have not as yet made you the least answer, but I rely on your goodness for pardon, I assure you my silence did not proceed from neglect; but from want of time & paresse. I cannot be so charitable as you,...

Bridget Hawkins (Roper-Curzon) to Martha Jefferson (Randolph), [ca. 1788]

I cannot let pass this opportunity my Dr Jef without just writing you a few lines to hope you are well as I am at present—n’est pas une phraze bien tournée—spirituelle surtout—I recollect you would not believe that now & then people advertize for a wife, to prove the veracity of—I can’t get...

Extract from Lafayette to George Washington, 1 Jan. 1788 [Quote]

I am More and More pleased with Mr jefferson. His abilities, His Virtues, His temper, Every thing of Him Commands Respect and Attracts Attention. He Enjoys Universal Regard, and does the Affairs of America to perfection it is the Happiest choice that Could Be Made.

Unknown to Martha Jefferson (Randolph), 9 Jan. 1788

Je te prie de recevoir chere jef bien-aimée amie ce petit present je voudrois que ce fût par la main des Graces qu’il tu te fut presenté mais ce ne sont que celles de l’amitié puisse-t-il te faire autant de plaisir que s’il si tu l’eut reçu—par les premieres