Bridget Hawkins (Roper-Curzon) to Martha Jefferson (Randolph)

I cannot let pass this opportunity my Dr Jef without just writing you a few lines to hope you are well as I am at present—n’est pas une phraze bien tournée—spirituelle surtout—I recollect you would not believe that now & then people advertize for a wife, to prove the veracity of—I can’t get any further—I enclose a paragraph I have cut out of the Morning Post this very day—I should hope you will believe your own eyes—A Mr Giffard an old cousin of mine will deliver you this letter with four [. . .] [prints]—& a parcel Mde de-V. beg her to favor me with a line to let me know if the things I have purchased for her meet her approbation, they are preciseément la mode d’actuellement—Je suis fachée, bien fachée même contre la Chariere, elle me trop negligé pour que je l’embarasse aujourd’hui—My kind love to belle cour & all my other friends particularly Mde Crofton, I have not received a letter as yet from her—Adieu toute à toi

Tr (ViU: ER); undated; in an unidnetified hand; with possible transcription errors; addressed: “Miss Jefferson.”

n’est pas une phraze ... surtout: “this sentence did not turn out well—I meant mentally well above all.”

preciseément la mode ... aujourd’hui: “precisley the current fashion—I am mad, really mad at La Charière, she ignores me so much that I do not bother her today.”

adieu toute à toi: “adieu, yours truly.”

Date Range
January 1, 1788 to December 31, 1788