Extract from Thomas Jefferson’s Notes of a Tour through Holland and the Rhine Valley

Mr. Hermen Hend Damen, merchant-broker of Amsterdam tells me that the emigrants to America come from the Palatinate down the Rhine and take shipping from Amsterdam. Their passage is 10. guineas if paid here, and 11. if paid in America. He says they might be had in any number to go to America and settle lands as tenants on half stocks or metairies. Perhaps they would serve their employer one year as an indemnification for the passage, and then be bound to remain on his lands 7. years. They would come to Amsterdam at their own expence. He thinks they would employ more than 50. acres each. But qu? especially if they have 50. acres for their wife also?

MS (ViWC). Dft (MHi). Published in PTJ, 13:10.

metairies: A farm held under the métayage system of land tenure in which the farmer pays a certain proportion of the produce to the landowner as rent, and the owner provides a portion of the stock and seed (OED).

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Thomas Jefferson
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March 3, 1788 to April 23, 1788
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