John Wayles Eppes to Caesar A. Rodney

Dear Sir,

Your letter was received this morning. You must certainly be mistaken when you state having loaned me many years since at Washington a Book on neutral rights—I have no such book in my library at home and have never either seen or read the work you mention—although not very particular in other things in relation to books I am very much so and if I had ever borrowed the work should certainly have recollected, it—I think it probable you loaned the book to some other friend as I have not now at home or here the book you mention & feel entirely certain I have never seen or read it—

Mr Jefferson when I heard last from him had recovered his health—It would afford him great pleasure I am certain to receive a visit from you—If you visit him I should be very glad if you would take my house in your way.

In the month of August for several years past he has visited his property in Bedford and will most probably be there at the period you propose making your visit—If this should be the case the nearest rout is immediately by my house—Turn off at Fredericksburg & cross at Cartersville on James River—I live about 30 miles from that place and immediately in the most direct rout to Bedford. It is also the nearest and best way to the Springs in VirginiaMr Jefferson has erected on his property in Bedford a very handsome Brick house with eight rooms and passes much of his time there taking with him occasionally his grand daughters. For several years he has passed the months of august and September in Bedford

With respect & esteem I am yours &c.
Jn: W: Eppes
RC (PHi: Simon Gratz Autograph Collection); addressed: “C. A. Rodney Esqr Wilmington Delaware”; franked.
Caesar A. Rodney
Date Range
January 11, 1819