Elizabeth Trist to Nicholas P. Trist

My Dear Nicholas

My heart has been so occupied with your image ever since you bid me Adieu that to ease its sensations I take up my pen tho I have nothing to Communicate worth the Postage of a letter unless the regret your Monticello friends feel at your leaving them, two days after your departure Cornelia and Virginia attended by Mead Randolph and Francis Epps came to pay us a morning visit both the Girls complain’d of not being well Virginia had jaws tied up, with a handkerchief having been ill with a tooth ache Mrs Randolph and Cornelia with Mead rode here on Thursday in speaking of you her eyes filld with tears she said that she felt the regard of a Mother for you and Browse and since you had left them the whole family lost their sperits I need not assure that my Dear Grand Sons that there acting in a way to gain the esteem and respect of their friends affords me the greatest happiness I am capable of enjoying and I hope and pray that they will continue to deserve the good opinion entertaind of them, this I expect and hope will find you well and comfortably establish’d at West Point arduous in persuit of knowledge and eager to perform every duty required of you Mrs Higginbotham continues the same as when you last saw her, She says that she shou’d like to see what hand you make in washing your Shirts. all I am anxious about is your being exposed to laying out, and mounting Guard in that cold climate but you must be careful of your self and wear flannel your socks and thick shoes, I hope to hear from you soon, I received a letter from Francis Gilmer date 17 Octo. he wishes to be affectionately rememberd to my Grand Sons whom he wishes every honour and happiness your Cousin Peacheys Brother from the report of General Cocke expect that him self and family will visit Albemarle very soon but Mary in her letter dated 27 Sept does not hint any thing of her coming tho she mentions that it was Peacheys intention to visit Albemarle It is time for my receiving a letter from your Mother God bless and Preserve you my very dear Grand Son and believe me ever your sincere friend

E Trist
RC (NcU: NPT); addressed: “Mr Nicholas P— Trist West Point State New York”; stamped; postmarked Charlottesville; endorsed by recipient: “Morven 1st Novemr 1818 Mrs E Trist.”
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