Ellen W. Randolph (Coolidge) to Martha Jefferson Randolph

My dearest Mother

I arrived here the day before yesterday after a pleasant journey in the steam boat and met with a most hospitable reception from Mr & Mrs Bache. as I have not time to put you “au fait des choses” I will merely tell you that Mrs Bache is a charming woman and that I have met with the most polite attention from her and her numerous friends and acquaintances. she desires me to tell you that she is delighted at having me in her house and under her protection. we were at a great ball the night of our arrival. I really did not [know]1 whether to admire most the splendid decorations of the room or the beauty and grace of the ladies. I was handsomely dressed, and they tell me looked very well. I should have written to you yesterday but my morning was occupied in recieving morning visits and my evening devoted to the theatre. to day I have been out and am going this evening to a large party at Mrs Lennox’s. to morrow I hope to have time to write more at length and in the mean time I must bid you adieu. give my love to Grand Papa, Papa, and the rest of the family. write to me soon and believe me to be with the most unalterable love

Your daughter
Eleanor. W. Randolph
RC (ViU: Ellen Wayles Randolph Coolidge Correspondence); partially dated.
1Omitted word editorially supplied.