Ellen W. Randolph (Coolidge) to Martha Jefferson Randolph

My dearest Mother

I wrote to you by the last post, but instead of delivering my letter to th a servant, I committed it to the care of Mr Todd who forgot to send it to the office, you will recieve it with this, and will no doubt observe particularly the part in which I express a wish to accompany the Miss Bayard’s to Baltimore. as they will leave town now before I could recieve an answer, I have of course given out all [. . .] idea of going with them, but I should like to know if another opportunity occurs and I should feel inclined to avail myself at it, if I could be sure of your approbation and (what I consider much more uncertain) of Papa’s.

I intended to have written a long letter to you but as I spent last evening abroad & I have not time this morning as the post will go out in a few hours.

Adieu dearest Mother. I got a letter from Sister Ann day before yesterday. she is well and says nothing of the children but that they are clamouring round her.

Give my love to my dear Grandfather & Papa if he is with you. I have made acquaintance with three sisters, girls of large fortune & most eccentric manners and habits; they are furious democrats & what made makes me think of them at this moment is their admiration of Grandpapa. they seize take every opportunity of expressing their veneration for him, and f the most enthusiastic is bent upon making a pilgrimage to see him. I do not believe she will carry her resolution into effect. indeed she says herself she fears it will be impossible.

The longest part of my letter always comes after the adieu. kiss dearest Sep. for me and give a great deal of love to the rest of the family.

I remain dearest Mother Your affectionate daughter.
RC (ViU: Ellen Wayles Randolph Coolidge Correspondence ); in the hand of Ellen W. Randolph Coolidge; unsigned; undated.
Date Range
February 1, 1816 to March 31, 1816