Ellen W. Randolph (Coolidge) to Martha Jefferson Randolph

My dear Mother

I have recieved Papa’s letter and and enclosing the order on the Cashier of the Bank of Columbia and yours with the 55$. this is merely to inform you that the business shall be executed as quick and as well as possible and that I hope to get notes of the Baltimore banks. every precaution shall be taken to ensure their safety and although it will be necessary to risk send them all by one mail, Mr Todd joins with me in opinion that their is no risk is trifling [. . .] you will recieve them (enclosed to Grand Papa) before the first of April.I cannot procure a book of instructions for the guitar in this city but I shall probably be more successfull in Baltimore, I shall if with your permission accompany Matilda Dallas so far on her way to Philadelphia on the second of April. the theatre opens on the 10th & Cooper is engaged for the season. I have bought Scientific Dialogues, and two squares of muslin which I think will make pretty cravats and come very cheap. If I have time before the mail goes out, I will enclose some of these things to Grand Papa.

Adieu dearest Mother, I have got quite well again, have you heard that Aunt Judy has in her will secured Aunt Hackley a comfortable independence

Your most affectionate daughter

Virginia will recieve a letter which should have gone by last post.

RC (ViU: Ellen Wayles Randolph Coolidge Correspondence); in the hand of Ellen W. Randolph Coolidge; unsigned; undated.