Ellen W. Randolph (Coolidge) to Thomas Mann Randolph

My Dear Papa

I have followed your directions in executing the commission with which you entrusted me. the notes are enclosed to Mama under cover to Grandpapa by this mail. they are of the Columbia bank, I could not get Baltimore notes without paying a premium for them. Mr Gales’s & Mr Milligan’s accounts shall also be attended to. nothing could have given me more greater pleasure than your entrusting me with this business as it gives me a proof of your confidence in my affection and willingness to oblige you. I hope most sincerely my dearest Papa that you may soon extricate yourself from the difficulties you speak of, for then there will be nothing to prevent you from being as happy as the esteem of your friends and the affectionate love of your family can make you. I thank you very much for your kindness in giving me leave to retain part of this money, but I am not at all in want of it and had much rather you should recieve the sum entire—I write by candle-light and as my eyes are not very strong, I must conclude my letter in order to spare them as much as possible.

I bid you adieu my dearest Papa with the hope that you will never for a moment hold in doubt the entire love and confidence of your daughter
Eleonor. W. Randolph.
RC (ViU: Ellen Wayles Randolph Coolidge Correspondence); endorsed by recipient: “E. W. Randolph March 26. 1816. recd 30th.”