Ellen W. Randolph (Coolidge) to Martha Jefferson Randolph

You will percieve my dear mother that the enclosed letters were written, to send by Mr Carr; he has been leaving Washington every day for more than a week and I was so foolish as to keep my letters for him instead of sending them by the post. I am afraid not hearing from me for such a length of time has cost you many uneasy moments. my little packet has been made up and ready to go for some days, but as it for ought that I know Mr Carr may think fit not to leave the city for another week I have broken it open and taken out the letters, which I enclose. the books you will recieve by him. I was at a little party last night at Mrs S. H. Smiths but found it rather dull. We are to have a very crouded drawing room to night. the ladies dress a good deal at them. the only one at which I have been present I wore my pink crape, & it was as handsome as almost any dress I saw.

Mrs M. who has quite recovered from her indisposition desires her love to you. several of your old acquaintances have begged me to remember them to you when I wrote, amongst others Mrs Rush & Mrs S. H. S.Payne Todd has several times requested the same thing of me.—I shall write to Grand papa as he desired me to do in a very few days, as yet I have not had time, for although I have not been a great deal in company, yet I cannot resist the temptation of riding out almost every day whilst this fine weather lasts; and when I am at home my [. . .] time is very much occupied in recieving morning visitors, for when I speak of hav not having been out much in company I allude to dinner and evening parties—

Adieu dearest Mother, I write in a hurry, for the mail will close in a very short time.

I enclose this packet these letters to Grand papa. I did not intend to do it as I know he objects to recieving large packets by the mail, but Mrs M. advised me to do it by all means, as you would be much more certain of recieving them.

RC (ViU: Ellen Wayles Randolph Coolidge Correspondence); unsigned; partially dated.