Mary J. Randolph to [Ann C. Randolph Bankhead?]

My Dear Sister

I have given the list of seeds enclosed in your note to Grand papa he says he will send you the collection he promised you in a few days as they are it is not ready yet—Sister Ellen says desires me to say in answer to your enquiries about her knee that the ribbons have widened lengthened & deepen,d in colour two or three shades & that she expects to keep her room. 10 days “without exageration” she says also she is glad to find Miss you have adopted Miss Goodwins style of signing her name

Mama passed a bad night & had a slight return of the pain but she came to breakfast as usual this morning & is I hope recovering still—did you get your tin kettle & your thimble which I sent by Martin yesterday? Virginia found both of your thimbles at diferent times laying upon the wires of the harpsichord I suppose they slipt through when some one was playing & in seeking for the cause of the dumbness of 2 notes Virginia discoverd them—Mrs Trist joins the family in love to you I wish I could give you an antidote to the “blue devils” but in all my experience of them having never discovered a remedy for them I resign you to your fate till some of the young ladies have the charity to go & amuse you with their gigling believe me always yours with sincere affection

RC (NcU: NPT); undated; endorsed by recipient: “Mary.