Martha Jefferson Randolph to Virginia J. Randolph (Trist)

You were right in suposing My Dear Virginia That we would have written sooner but for want of your address. the moment we recieved it Mary wrote to you. I was very sick after you left us, the walk I believe was the cause of it, for I was taken with a violent fever and headach that night which confined me a week to my room. I expect your Sister s will stay down the country all the winter, if she should, and you wish to return home, Jefferson says he will go down with in the gig for you when ever you wish. Mary has been very attentive in planting all your roots, I had the 2 beds near the bason nicely prepared for you and her and they are so full that I expect I shall be obliged to give you 2 more. any flower seeds that you send shall be sewen sewn at the proper time I will send by Mr Bankhead all the volumes of Rollin that I have, if John wants them immediately so far from regretting that you began that history it, I shall rejoice, as perhaps you may be able to read it before you return and perhaps you may never have another opportunity of getting it. it consoles me for the loss of your company My Dear Virginia, which is a great sacrifice, when I think that you will have the advantage of your Sisters attention. I have not time to attend regularly to My children, therefore you will do much more with her than with me. I have been so much engrossed by company that I have not had time to finish your housewife but will send it by Nancy God bless you My Dear Daughter your

affectionate mother

the bag with your gloves Ellen sent you & the Little bag to little Ellen to whom Cornelia sends the houswife, Mary the scissars and I the pincushion & thimble. tell her after such fixing her so well I shall expect her to help me with her my work

RC (NcU: NPT).
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