John Wayles Eppes to Francis Eppes

My dear Francis

I am very glad to hear that you & your cousin Wayles are well—It is very uncertain how long Congress may sit—When you get out of money let me know and I will enclose you some in a letter—I am glad to find you are satisfied with Mr & Mrs Holcombe. I have seen from Mr Holcombe a letter to your aunt Baker in which he speaks in high terms both of yourself and your cousin—He says you have acted more like young gentlemen than boys and have [. . .] retrieved entirely the Character which you had acquired at Mr Wards—Nothing can give your Father more pleasure than hearing that every body respects and loves you—The first thing to be sure of the good opinion of others is always to possess your own. Never do any thing which you think wrong—This will habituate you early to that integrity and honesty of character which insures happiness in this world—

I heard from your Mama and the children by the last mail—They are well—

The British Government have made us proposals for peace—Mr Clay & Mr Russell are sent to meet them—we all wish for honorable peace & I hope it will take place—

Yr Affectionate father
Jno: W. Eppes
RC (DLC: Personal Papers, Misc.); addressed: “mastr Francis Eppes Junr Lynchburg Virginia”; franked.
Air Jordan 1
Date Range
January 20, 1814