Nicholas P. Trist and Mary Trist Jones (Tournillon) to Elizabeth Trist

My Dear Grandmother

We have been very uneasy on account of not having received a letter from you for some time but I hope it does not proceed from indisposition. I am reading the 12 Ceasers to my Mother and Hume in my leisure hours. Grandmother Brown has been to town to try and sell the [furni]ture but she has returned unsuccessful. My [. . .] is getting a gallery made round the house to render it more healthy we have several neighbours that remember my Grand Father, I shall mention the names of some of them. Joseph Sharp, Philip Ingleheart, Simon Furry, John Clinpetre &c We have had such storms of thunder lightening and rain that there is every appearance of its having destroyed the cotton although my Mother has been obliged to plant four times successively. Mr Dutton came to see us three weeks since he is very much respected and is in very good business he enquired very particularly1 for you. Embrace my dear little Cousins and tell them that I wish sincerely I could pay them a visit. we all join in affectionate remembrance to you and the family.

Your ever affectionate and dutiful Grandson
N. P. Trist

My Dear Mother

I have not any thing interesting to communicate, my health which three weeks Since I thought I was recovering my fevers are not so frequent but my cough and pain in the breast is more violant I have too much anxiety of mind even to enjoy health it is tr so truly distressing for me to see my children without advantages that I cannot know peace and I see no prospect of doing any thing for them. war will destroy all my prospects even should I settle with the government as cotton will not be worth cultivating, tell me how I shall convey you a note, and whether a Baltimore or Philadelphia bank note will be the easiest for you to change, as I shall receive some money next month, remember me to Polly and Peachy, write to me soon, and believe with the truest affection

M. J.

do not mention Browse in any of your letters as he and I have quarreled about his not writing to you

RC (NcU: NPT); two words obscured by seal; addressed:“Mrs Elizabeth Trist Care of P. R. GilmerMartins Ville Henry County Virginia”; stamped; postmarked Baton Rouge, 21 May; endorsed by recipient, presumably sometime after author’s 25 Sept. 1813 marriage: “Mrs Tournillon.
1Manuscript: “particulaly.”
Mary Trist Jones Tournillon
Date Range
May 14, 1812