Caroline House to Elizabeth Trist

Except my thanks dearest Aunt for your obliging favour, believe me to hear from you is one of the greatest pleasures I enjoy. I often peruse your letters with sentiments of affection mingled with respectful sympathy for your sorrows and admiration at your fortitude they likewise leave a sadness impressed on my heart. the sensations inspires my mind to emulation, how happy would it make me to alleviate your afflictions, soothe and tell you in person what I feel toward you, but as that consolation is impracticable I must console myself by assuring you of my sincerity words faintly express my sentiments yet believe they flow from a heart that feels warmly interested in your welfare.—none of us are exempt from sorrow Uncle Isaac is in a very precarious state of health the Phisitions recommend exercise and change of air as necessary for the prolongation of his life, we are in daily expectation [of see?]ing him in Augusta, our hopes of his recovery are small all who know him must be sensible of his value his many ami amiable qualities will endear his memory, and my more than father is in delicate health I wish very much he could be prevailed on to take a jaunt from home this summer, I have reason to pray for his health and happiness as mine has been enjoyed thro his kindness. could I have foreseen events I would have accompanied Uncle to the northard my greatest inducement was to see you, Uncle frequently speaks of you with regard and laments his disappointment in not meeting with you in Philadelphia, I have not heard from my Brother William for some time he owes me three letters, Samuel is negligent in writing he is very industrious and pays unremited attention to business a little time I flatter myself will enable his independance—

Miss Simmss situation excites my tenderest commiseration [. . .] experience fully delineates her feelings the impression I think those affections make on the mind will ever prove a damp to real happiness. I sincerely hope the recovery of the dearest obj[ect] of her heart will realize her felicity

Augusta at present is very dull the gentlemen complain respecting business and the ladies for want of amusements, [I] for my own part endeavour to make my self contented, we go to the hill in june a delightful place about three miles from town there enjoy cool air free from musquetoes surrounded by agreable company in perfection, I understand Mr James Gardner has bought a house near, of course will take his family there which consists of Mrs Gard[ner] she was a rich widow by the name of Blair he was old enou[gh to be] her father but being in indegent circumstances1 married him, w[hat] makes her situation more conspicuous, is the pride and consequence she assumes, Miss Gardner is his daughter by a former marriage a charming girl just returned from Scotland where she been nine years for her education highly accompli[shd] I anticipate much pleasure from her society several visits have passed between us and a great inclination to be sociable which will give me pleasure to encourage Mrs Fitzsimon’s family from Charleston are soon to be up Mr Fitzsimons ownes two plantations near this place on each are upwards of a 100 and 50 negroes a very opulent man they are a charming family their only Daughter one of the finest girls I ever know we have2 been intimate from childhood going to George Town I spent a fortnight with them in Charleston and received the most affectionate attention it was truly grateful as I felt myself a perfect stranger and the first time I was seperated from Uncle and Aunt whose tender treatment and indulgence makes me sensibly feel a different behaviour, my anxiety to see my brothers induced me to visit George Town, I went down to Charleston in Uncles carriage Samuel met me there and accompanied m[e] on staid there three months returned to Augusta with Mrs Fitzsimons with a determination never to leave my home endeared by my absence for so long a time again without them

With affectionate wishes for your health happiness and welfare together with all that are dear to you with love and respect to relations believe me wishes

Your Niece
Caroline House
RC (NcU: NPT); torn at seal; edge trimmed; addressed: “Mrs Elizabeth Trist Martinsville Henry County Virginia Care P. Gilmore”; stamped; postmarked Augusta, Georgia, 14 May; endorsed by Trist: “Caroline House May 12th Red 14th June.”
1Manuscript: “circustances.”
2Manuscript: “have have.”
Air Jordan
Caroline House
Date Range
May 12, 1812