Elizabeth Trist to Catharine Wistar Bache

My very dear friend

Your kind favor of the 15th April was gratefully received and if you had not mention’d delicate health and weak sperits I shou’d have derived infinate pleasure from hearing from you for I really began to feel some little mortification at your long silence I came here last saturday in expectation of find Mr and Mrs Burwell Mrs Randolph wrote me that Mr Burwell had set out for Baltimore to bring his wife and child and requested that she wou’d let me know that he wou’d be back in ten days (which was last saturday) and if I was not more pleasantly provided with a conveyance they shou’d be glad if I woud take a seat in their carriage to Franklin and Peachy wou’d meet me there tho I wou’d have preferd staying a few weeks longer in this Neighbourhood I readily embraced the kind offer I parted from my friends at Farmington after passing Six weeks with them with most sincere regret—they wish me to come and spend next winter with them but that will not be accomplish’d till I have rested a year or two, the kind and affectionate manners of my Albemarle friends have endeard them to me more than ever I have the affection of a sister for Mrs Divers and felt a pang at parting from her more than usual I hope it is not a presage of our never meeting again her health is much improved considering the severe attack she had in the winter but it is a critical period with her she betray’d great sensibility at parting from me—Mrs Randolph is gone on a visit to Colonel Lindseys Ann Ellen and Cornelia were of the party indeed the trip was occasiond by Ann and Cornelia who are on their way to Port Royal Bankhead has given up the scheme of going to Bedford and has made a purchase of that Farm adjoining Monticello that formerly belonged to Nich Lewis he gave 16 Dollars an acre which I believe is six more than Browse was to have paid for it I fancy it is a great disappointment to Mr Jefferson who pleased him self with the Idea of Anns living in Bedford as he shou’d be a great part of his time there he had given them 500 acres of land and a Carpenters note for 500 Dollars to assist in building their House beside stock of all kinds Ann notwithstanding she will be so near her family regrets the change as she thinks it will not be so much for their interest to be so near Charlottesville Bankhead never was reconciled to going to live in Bedford which I wonder at as there is a great many genteel families settled about there beside a large society in Lynchburg which is only ten miles from their farm and fine roads I feel some regret as I had contemplated seeing the family there sometimes it is only one days ride from Peachys to Burwells and one from there to Poplar Forrest Dabney Carr is appointed a circuit Judge in a district among the most agreeable in the State if the Legislature confirms the appointment tis thought he will remove his family to Powhatan I believe I mentiond that Peter had opend a school he boards washes and educates for 100 $ year I have not seen Mrs Monroe since his appointment but I dont think that she will be gratified by the appointment she is expected up and wou’d have been here ere now but Maria was taken unwell I wish to see her before I leave the Neighbourhood, There abode in Washington woud never tempt me to go there particularly circumstanced as I am I wrote to Mr Monroe that his appointment if any thing coud surprise wou’d have had that effect but such strange things come to pass that I shou’d not be surprised if Napolion was to repudiate his present wife and send to demand me in Marriage or even if Governor Claiborne was appointed to be our Minister at the Court of London I hope Mary has arrived ere this her last letter to me was dated the 24th March Baltimore but it had the Philad post mark and it did not reach me till the 15th April I am not altogether satisfied with her, she has certainly not been as attentive in communicating with me as she might have been I got 2 letters and one containing about five lines informing me of her intention of coming to Monticello I am not displeased at her not coming because the roads were too bad tho as matters turnd out she might as well have come here as to pass her time in Baltimore an interview wou’d have been a great satisfaction to me as she will not communicate freely with me I wish that her cause was decided I tremble for her fate what will become of them God only knows if it goes contrary to her expectation what will become of them it appears to me that every thing she has done has been attended with error or misfortune do pray satisfy me if you can what cou’d have opend to change, D. C.s friendship into such rancour I recd a letter from Nicholas dated 21st of March he acknowledges one I wrote on the 18th March February his Aunt and Uncle Rapp were at Batton rouge they were all well and made very happy by having just heard from their Mother I wonder if they are under Martins care now or at some other school I will conclude my letter with a little advise out of the Holy Bible Give not thy mind over to heaviness and afflict not thy self in thy own counsel The gladness of the heart is the life of man and the joyfulness of a man prolongeth his days Love thy own soul and comfort this heart remove sorrow from the1 for sorrow hath kill’d many I hope the Docter and the children and your worthy Brother Dr Wister are well remember me affectionately to them and Mrs Buchanan I was much pleas’d to see that Mr McClenaghan has got the appointment of Loan Officer I hope his health will enable him to fulfil his duties present my best wishes to him and Miss Polly God bless you,

E. Trist

Direct to me Martinsville Henry Cty to the care of Peachy and write to me as soon as you hear of Marys arrival

RC (PPAmP: Catherine Wistar Bache Papers); addressed: “Mrs Cathrine Bache Franklin Court Philadelphia”; stamped; postmarked Milton, 9 May.
1Manuscript: “the.”
Date Range
May 7, 1811