David Bailie Warden to Martha Jefferson Randolph


I had the honour of sending you two Volumes from Baltimore and an engraving of Napoleon to this are of Mrs. Madison I now beg leave to inclose two copies of my translation of Marcus Aurelius which perhaps you have not seen—I returned yesterday from New york—hoping to hear something concerning my fate—I long to return to France, and, if possible, on board a flag-vessel—I have not seen gen. a. He has declared that he will not attempt to oppose My re-appointment as Consul; though it is said that he has pressured all his influence in favour of a Mr. Waddel of this town—I propose to visit Washington in the Course of a week or two to wait the decision of the government

FC (MdHi: David Bailie Warden Letterbook, MS 871); at head of text: “Mrs. Randolph.”
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David Bailie Warden
Date Range
January 15, 1811