Elizabeth Trist to Nicholas P. Trist

I, was delighted my Dear Nicholas at the receipt of your letter which was a testimony of your remembrance as also of your application to your duties, which from your Mothers Lamentation for the loss you had sustaind in the Death of your Father and her inability to pay the attention you required, made me conclude that your self and Brother were not as obedient and attentive as you ought to have been but I am very glad to find that I was mistaken, as I was much mortified to be impress’d with such an Idea

you must be satisfied that I love your Brother and self above all other things in life and if you did not turn out clever fellows I shou’d be humbled to the last I am much pleased to hear that you are learning the spanish Language it will more than probable be of the greatest advantage to you. I suppose Mr Martin will instruct you in the french, your Dear Mother will strain every nerve to give you an education and when you know how to provide for your self and conduct your self with honor you will be respected by every body if I live to see that day how my heart will rejoice

I am now with a relation about 25 miles from the City and often talk of you and your Brother and I am sometimes so foolish as to wish you were here, to ramble with me in the woods and ride to the cederswamp to drink the water which is [. . .] esteem’d very wholsome, but I know you are much better situated for your own advantage you wou’d not get much improvement in this place, I am sorry to hear that Samuel Thompson never call’d to see your Mother his Mother thinks it is diffidence in him I suppose he will not be there when you riceive this He Lodged at Madam Farages I wish you wou’d call there because if he dont leave your country as soon as he wrote that he intended I wish you to ask him to visit your Mother and beg her to write by him as it will be a save safe conveyance and I hope that you and your Brother will do the same

I am sorry to hear that Mr Noblet did not beheave well perhaps he was too much grieved at leaving the family to take leave formaly—you dont say any thing of your Aunt Euphemia and your little cousin I hope they are well My love to her your Dear Mother Grand Mother and Brother and believe me to be your ever affectionate friend and Grand Mother

E. Trist

I forgot to mention that your letter was ruled and torn so badly that it look’d as if it had been chew’d by some Savage man or beast but I made out to read it with ease your cousins Sally and Abraham Van Wyck send their love poor little Phil Rensleir their Brother fell over a coffee pot of boiling coffee and has scalded his stomach and thighs most shockingly he has been laying on his back three weeks but I am in hopes he will get the better of it he is a fine Boy about 3 years old

RC (NcU: NPT); addressed: “Master Nicholas Trist New Orleans”; stamped; postmarked New Mills.
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