Thomas Mann Randolph’s and Martha Jefferson Randolph’s Conveyance of Bedford County Land to Anne Moseley

This Indenture made on the nineteenth day of February One thousand eight hundred and ten Between Thomas Mann Randolph & Martha his wife of the County of Albemarle on the one part & Anne Moseley lately of the County of Pohatan on the other part witnesseth that in consideration of the sum of eight thousand four hundred Dollars paid or securd to be paid by the said Anne to the said Thomas Mann, the said Thomas Mann & Martha his wife have given, granted, bargained and sold to the said Anne & her heirs all that part of the tract of Land in the County of Bedford which was conveyed by Thomas Jefferson to the said Thomas Mann & Martha by Deed bearing date the day of February 1790 recorded in the County court of Bedford, which lies west of a marked line begining at a red oak in Colonel John Wattses boundary & runing North 24 East 146 poles to another red oak in the same & of another line runing from the last tree along the North east side of a dry valley or sunken ground, making a run from near the said red oak toward the wolf branch or creek to the said creek and of the said creek as it meanders untill it leaves the aforesd tract and enters the land of Bartlet Ballard being the same part of the said Tract which was leased by the said Thomas Mann to Joseph Slaughter on the 28th day of September 1806 containing by a survey made on the 28th day of February 1810 by Wm Callaway Surveyor of Bedford County Eight hundred & forty acres bounded as followetth to wit Begining at Earleys & Watts’s corner white oak thence along Watts’s line No 24 E 150 poles to his corner red oak thence along a new line through the old field No 14 W 30 poles to two maples on wolf branch thence down the branch as it meanders No 43 E being the general course 350 poles to Ballards line, thence along Ballards and Hobsons line No 60 West 284 poles to Hobsons corner white oak near the mill pond, thence along his & Burtons line S45 W through a small part of the mill pond 304 poles to a small white oak in Mrs Moseleys line, thence along hers & Earleys lines S1. W 290 poles to Earleys corner pointers, thence along his line East 80 poles to his corner white oak & thence S51. E 95 poles to the first station. To have & to hold the said parcel of land with its appurtenances to the said Anne & her heirs forever & the said Thomas Mann & Martha his wife for themselves their heirs Executors & admistrators the said Land with its appurtenances to the said Anne & her heirs will forever warrant & defend. In Witness whereof they have hereto set their hands & seals on the day and year first above written

Signed sealed & delivered
In presence of Th: Jefferson M. Davis Jr
Seth Ward. William Daugherty John Watts
Stark Whittington Joseph Slaughter.
} Th: M Randolph {seal} Martha Randolph {seal}

At a Court held for Bedford County at the Courthouse the 26th day of March 1810. this Indenture of bargain & sale between Thomas Mann Randolph & Martha his wife of the one part and Anne Moseley of the other was proved by the oath of John Watts & Joseph Slaughter witnesses thereto; & afterwards at a Court held for said County at the courthouse the 28th day of May 1810 this Indenture was further proved by the oath of Stark Whittington another witness thereto & ordered to be recorded.

J. Steptoe. C B C
Tr (Vi: Bedford Co. Deed Book, 13:487).
Date Range
February 19, 1810