Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Maria Hadfield Cosway

I, am laying the foundation of an University in my native state, which I hope will repay the liberalities of it’s legislature by improving the virtue and science of their country, already blest with a soil and climate emulating those of your favorite Lodi. I have been myself the Architect of the plan of it’s buildings, and of it’s system of instruction. four years have been employed on the former, and I assure you it would be thought a handsome & Classical thing in Italy. I have preferred the plan of an Academical village rather than that of a single, massive structure. the diversified forms which this admitted in the different Pavilions, and varieties of the finest samples of architecture, has made of it a model of beauty original and unique. it is within view too of Monticello, So it’s most splendid object, and a constant gratification to my sight. we have still one building to erect, which will be on the principle of your Pantheon a Rotunda like that, but of half it’s diameter and height only.

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Thomas Jefferson
Maria Hadfield Cosway
Date Range
October 24, 1822 to October 25, 1822
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