Martha Jefferson Randolph’s Notations in Le Cuisinier Royal

This book belonged to Mrs. Randolph, wife of Thos. Mann Randolph, Governor of Virginia, and daughter of Thos. Jefferson, President of the United States. It was used by her at Monticello, and the notes and translations on the fly leaves and margins are in her writing. It was given by her to her daughter, Mrs. Joseph Coolidge of Boston. She gave it to her own daughter Mrs. Edmund Dwight.

Bain Mariethe vessel plunged in boiling water to protect the materials cook from the immediate action of the fire

Blanchirscalding a thing in boiling water for a few minutes when taken out and put in to cold water

Bouqueta bundle of parsley and escallions

Bouquet garni the same with thyme sweet basil & & and a few cloves added

Braiserbaking in a particular mannersee the different articles

Briderconfining the limbs of the fowls or game with a twine to give it the shape you wish

chaussejelly bag

Brisiler ou incisergashing the meat with a knife to broil it

concasserto pound coarsely

desosserto bone

Désdice shaped, cubes

echauderto dip in scalding water


etoufferto cook in a close vessel without evaporating

exprimerto press out the juices

extraireto strain through a sieve

feuillessheetstin or copper

filtrerto filtrate through paper

flamberto singe the down from fowls

foncerto put in the bottom of the sauce pan slices of meat bacon veal & to season and preheat the article cooked

fremirto simmer

Glacerto reduce the gravy to such a consist[ency] that it will stick to the meat

Glacerto candy sugar over the dish or fru[it]

habillerto skin, clean, wash, & &


houlettehoock for making ices & snows


limonerscalding certain fish to clear the[m] from mud

litscutting the substances in thin sli[ces?] between which other substances or s[lices?] is put

luterto close up the vessel with dough or other wise to prevent evaporation

marquerto prepare and season a ragout in the sauce pan, ready to cook

marquerto cover on dish with a ragout & &

menuplan of the dinner on paper

Migeoterstew gently simmer

mitonnerto soak

monderof amandes nuts & to blanch with hot water

mouilleradding a little water, broth, wine, & &

panerdredging with crumbs of bread

parertaking off the skin superfluous fat cleansing and other wise preparing to dressin dessert shaping the pastilles with a file

passermaking holes in the meat to put in the seasoning – also straining through a sieve

rignerto lard

rafraichirputting fruits in cold water after scalding also putting wine & in ice

sauterto toss in a pan to turn like pancakes

singerto dredge with flour a ragout which is to be wet afterward one or two pinches according to the size

tournerartichoke bottoms after picking the leaves off cutting off the little piece of green & &

applied to fruits such as lemons oranges citrons & means cutting off2 the outside of the skin which contains the essential oil. of olives it is taking the fruit from the stone and throwing it in water to plump it again

tournuresthe thin paring of oranges lemons & &

Zestesslips of orange or lemon peel

fines herbesmushrooms chalottes parsley chopped fine

Aspic:sharp fragrant sauce cotelettescutletsproperly the small ribs
Aloyau:sirloin of beef confitures:preservessweet meats
Ail-poireau:spanish garlick, rocambole
Daubemeat larded
Dardea large slice of fish cut length ways
Bouilli:boiled beef
Bouillon: broth
Baignets:fritters Entrèe:a course with sauces pastry & laitage.
Ballon:round like a ball
Barder;to cover with thin slices of bacon entremetssmall plates of sallad omlettes & placed between the main dishes
Bagatelles:thin slices of meat seasoned rolled up tied & stewed Etuvèestewed on a stove
Bechamel:white cullis, sauce or gravy
Blanch:to scald and then put in cold water
Braze;to stew gently over a charcoal fire Fricandeau:meat larded brazed & then glazed with gravy caramel
Breche:the spit
Bresolles:collops Fricasèe:stewed & thickened with liaison
catch:to adhere to the bottom of the pan filetlong slices usually from the neck along the tenderloin or fillet
caramel:glazing with sugar
canelon:gun shaped, sausage shaped flee:hogs seam
canè de veau: neck of veal
crepinette de godiveau:veal fried with force meat Farcie:force meat
cremaillere:pot hooksor hanger
cuisseau, roand:knuckle of veal Friture:the sauce in which any thing is fried.
chibbol:small onions
consummè:strong clear jelly broth Fumet:high flavoured game
court bouillon:stewed with wine and sweet herbs
cullis, coulis:extract of meat seasoned & strainedkept to give flavour to other meats
cervellas:sausages Fraise de veau:calves caldron
culotte:rump of beef
compote:stewed with carrots turnips & samll mush rooms also with [. . .]
culotte:saddle of mutton or venison
caulthe fat membrane that covers the intestines
coutantsornamental paste

Gritsshelled oats or wheat

Gratin:concentrated brown gravy or juice that adheres to the bottom of the pan

Grenadins:small fricandeaus


Gigol:a leg

Hors d’oeuvres:small savoury dishes as anchovies oysters sausage



Liaison:any thing used to make the ingrediants of the gravy unite & thicken generally the yolk of an egg, the liaison must never be put in to a fluid whilst boiling

Lard:bacon used for lardingalso fat


Leveret:a young hare

marinade:to soak in pickle previous to dressing

Mignionette:clotha small bag

Nosegay:a small bundle of herbs such as parsley celery chervil thyme marjoram savory rosemary taragon a bay leaf tied with a thread

Poupeton:a meat pudding

Poivrade:peppery sharp sauce

Papillotes:broiled in paper

Paupiettes:olives of meat


Purèe:strained soup

guenelles:force meat balls

Restaurant:strong broth or cullis made of meat or fowl

Rissoles:)browning any thing fried brown as collops

Rissolettes:)force meat

Remoulade:mustard sauce with horse radish and shalots

Ravigottea piquant sauce

Ramequins:cheese cakes

[Roumestèe?]:jelly broth of fragments

Rouelles:a small fillet


RotiRotiesroast meatsfowls

Timbalea mould

veal, loin, fillet which corresponds with the round of beef, the knuckle

sauce a l’espagnoleDictionaire de Cuisine

put in to a saucepan 2 slices of bacon & some of veal make it simmer over the fire 2 carrottes 2 onions sliced, warm over the firemix a little broth & coulis ½ bottle of boiled champaigneput in a hand full of coriander 1 clove of garlic a bundle of parsley scallions cloves & laurel leaf 2 spoons full of sweet oil make the sauce boil 2 or 3 hours over a gentle fire skim it reduce it strain it & keep it for use—

MS (MBPLi: Rare Books Collection); provenance statement at head of text in the hand of Ellen Coolidge Dwight; glossary and recipe in the hand of Martha Jefferson Randolph; written onto pages of Le Cuisinier Royal, ou, l’art de faire la cuisine et la pâtisserie, pour toutes les fortunes...Suivie d’une notice sur les vins, par M. Pierhugue, A. Viard, [Paris, Barba, 1817].
1Manuscript: “skures.”
2Manuscript: “of.”
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January 1, 1819 to December 31, 1819