Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin Rush

I have had a long attack of rheumatism, without fever, & without pain while I kept myself still. a total prostration of the muscles of the back, hips, & thighs deprived me of the power of walking, and leaves it still in a very impaired state. a pain, when I walk, seems to have fixed itself in the hip, and to threaten permanence. I take moderate rides without much fatigue: but my journey to this place, in a hard-going gig, gave me great sufferings, which I expect will be renewed on my return, as soon as I am able. the loss of the power of walking taking exercise would be a sore affliction to me. it has been the delight of my retirement to be in constant bodily activity, looking after my affairs.

RC (NNGL, on deposit NHi). Published in PTJRS, 4:88.
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Thomas Jefferson
Benjamin Rush
Date Range
August 17, 1811
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