Martha Jefferson Randolph to Virginia J. Randolph (Trist)

I have but a moment My Dearest Virginia to answer your welcome and affectionate letter particularly the more welcome as I have not yet received the one from Mrs Tinsley’s. I am very sorry you persist in returning so soon, for as much as I wish to see you I am not selfish enough to sacrifice what I think would be your pleasure to mine. I live but in you My dear children and1 the greatest happiness I am can enjoy is what is reflected upon me from yours. Jane has enlivened our dullness by her company. she is preparing her Garden at Tufton and if I can procure a decent cart and gentle horse I intend to accompany her down the next time she goes—pray collect all the handsome patterns you can for Ann. with regard to the bonnet have it dressed to suit your age. you know I am a very young woman my self and what suits you will be most agreable to me. will you ask your Father to get me a bottle of opodeldoc and some working cotton and dont forget any pretty musick that comes in your way. God Bless you, every member of the family joins me in love to you. Geod Geordie is sweeter than ever if you ask him how the flowers smell snuffs up his little nose and looks so arch that it is evident he thinks every action of his wonderfull. give my love to the girls and believe me with affection equal to your own

Your devoted Mother
RC (NcU: NPT); with note subsequently added beneath dateline by Frances M. Burke: “To Miss Virginia J. Randolph Richmond Va.”
1Manuscript: “and and.”
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