Elizabeth Trist to Nicholas P. Trist

My Dear Nicholas

I avail my self of the space left in your Brothers letter to acknowledge your favor of the 12th Jany, I left Mr Minors on the 23d. it had not begun to snow altho it threatend untill about noon just as the carriage arrived and Mr J Fry from Kentucky at whoes House your Father staid, on ( his way to the Mississippi) came to escort me I was so warmly clad that did not suffer any cold, tho one of the Glasses of the carriage was broken untill we left Charlottesville the wind blue from the NW and the snow beat into the carriage and when I arrived at Dinner time I was very cold but did not feel much effect from it the next day but the day after I was visited with a bad cold in my head which has made me very deaf, I had in a great degree got the better of my deafness last fall and for some years have enjoy’d better health, in additi[on] [. . .] cold I was attempting to run in the coverd way but my foot slipd and I fell on my back hurt my self very much particularly my foot which is spraind and was so painful in the night I cou’d not rest but I hope I shall weather this hurt your dear Brother surprised me by his Presence last evening after having gone to P Minors altho I wrote a note to inform him where I was but La Porte did not Give it to him. I got last week a letter from Mrs Ross date 10 Jany her Daughter Mrs Claiborne had arrived about 3 weeks before from Orleans, she mention’d that she got her friend Mrs Zantzinger who is Mother in law to Mr Pickton to enquire how you come on his answer was he is one of our very first young men in all respects Mrs Ross says that it was very flattering to her who for my sake feels so great an interest in you continue my Dear Son to merit the encomiums that you have bestowd on you your Brother is waiting and I must bid you Adieu and may God preserve you many many years is the prayer of your Grand Mother Trist, let me know if your bills for 300# reach’d you.

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