Elizabeth Trist to Emma Walker Gilmer (Breckinridge)

My Dear Emma

I expected to have had the opportunity of writing to you by the Miss Randolphs who were to have accompanied their Grand Father to Poplar Forest about this time but he was taken so ill with a violent pain in his bowels this day week that his life was despared off, two Doctors were call’d in to his assistance every thing was try’d to forse a passage but without effect at length the calomel stop’d the inflamation but rendered his mouth so sore and his body so weak that he cou’d not on Sunday get out of his bed, I have not heard since but hope he is better, but I fear that his days will not be many his constitution is greatly impair’d, tho it is as natural for old age to be frail, as for the stalk to bend under the ripend ear or for the autumnal leaf to change its hue, yet his death wou’d be so great a loss to the family his friends and Country that he woud be reluctantly resignd every one in this Neighbourhood that I have seen seem to take the deepest interest in his fate, he is an old friend of mine of forty years Standing and I have never experienced any change in his conduct towards me—and I shou’d have cause to mourn his loss. Your uncle Francis left us last Saturday for Richmond he appeard low sperited I begd him not to take leave and he took my advise it gave me pleasure to hear him speak of you all with affection, he thinks Francis one of the handsomest children he ever saw, I do most sincerely long to embrace you all, tho I have many to love none rivals those I have dandled on my knee in Henry and who have slept in my arms, I recd a letter from Mrs Brown dated 3d Sept She had enjoyd good health but1 Mr Tournillon had been, ill, and Mary had been much in disposed but were getting well and the children were well. Nicholas was well on the 18th of Sept he had been occupied for the last week in Survying, taking heights and distances &cc and Studying Conic sections, Browse is well but I fear that he will have to go to some other College for I dont expect they will get this into operation for two or three years, he can go on with his Greek and Latin under Mr Stack as well as at College, Uncle Divers sent the carriage for us last week we had the pleasure to find them well Grapes and figs in abundance we staid three days Your Uncle and Aunt Minor cou’d not Stay from home any longer the children are all well and send their love to you and your Aunt begs to be rememberd to you– I left Monticello about three weeks since Cornelia Randolph an invalid in consequence of a fall she got from a see saw she fell on her side and tho the Board was placed across a stone about 2 feet high she was standing and came down with such forse that she fainted her jaw arm and hip were so badly hurt that she cou’d not stir her self for a week in her bed or chew her food when I left her she was able to go about with her arm in a sling I doubt if she will be able to travil even if her Grand Father is, she told me that she fear’d that you past your time very unpleasant the day you were at Poplar Forest you appeard under great restraint and they had not the power to amuse you, as the Boy is waiting I must bid you Adieu God bless you and priserve you and enable you to be as amiable and accomplishd as I wish you to be and believe me Your sincere friend

E. Trist
RC (ViU: Francis Walker Gilmer Papers); addressed: “Miss Emma Gilmer New London Bedford Cty Va”; stamped; postmarked Charlottesville, Oct. 15.
1Manuscript: “but but.”
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Emma Walker Gilmer Breckinridge
Date Range
October 15, 1819