Elizabeth Trist to Nicholas P. Trist

[. . .] I had not seen your Brother for three weeks before last Sunday the roads and having sprain’d his ancle dancing at a Party the Boys gave at La Ports. He rode here last sunday, if the weather dont prevent him he intends his next visit to Mounticello [. . .] I flatter’d my self with the hope of seeing some of the young Ladies ere now, but have not had a visit or a line from any of them since I left Mr. Minors—I have written twice and shall not again till I hear from them or see them. I hear that the times have induced them to turn their attention from working muslin to kniting. I heard that Mr. Jefferson enjoys tolerable health but his ancles swell so much that the Doctor has advised the tight bandage. I am told that Doct. Watkins is apprehensive of his being dropsical [. . .] He1 is anxious to go on to Philad College or Princeton for there is no likelihood of being in readiness in time for him to enter. Stack has a large school at present but the Inhabitants of Charlottesville find great fault with Boys who are constantly committing some mischevious action. [. . .] Browse is not of the number but for many reasons I shall be glad when he can leave here [. . .] 2The servts. where ever I stay expect somthing3 and I cant do myself such a violence as to disappoint them for they are all attentive and kind to me [. . .]

Tr (DLC: NPT).
1Transcriber here inserted “Browse.”
2Transcriber here inserted “Her efforts to be economical.”
3Transcribed as “some[e]thing.”
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Date Range
February 25, 1820