Elizabeth Trist to Catharine Wistar Bache

My Dear Friend

I am fated not enjoy tranquility of mind for any length of time poor Mary what is to become of her and the family by Mr Grimes sophistry she is deprived of every means of support beside being involved in debt, gracious God what will not a deceiving villian effect. I am sorry that she did not abide by the advise of her counsel Mr Brown and have nothing to do with him, do you think it possible that they will avail them selves of such an advantage obtaind over her and yet I fear, what can the President do with such limited power as he possesses. and Phils relations to desert her after their profferd friendship Lord what a world is this I think it my duty to do all in my power and if writing to Mr Madison wou’d operate any thing her favor I shoud feel my self culpable in not performing the task but I have not a capacity to do justice to her cause my heart and mind is too much agitated to write with propriety and for that reason I think I had better transcribe a part of Marys own letter if you have not already done it, the Stage comes up every day if you will send a letter to the old Ferry near arch Street before two Oclock I shall get it the same evening direct to be left at Mrs Thompsons at this place as I am not yet acquainted with the Stage drivers. I wish to see you but I dont feel very well perhaps in a short time I may have that pleasure I can never be thankful enough for your kindness and am very glad that you took the trouble of sending on the papers, the mail goes from here twice a week and if I can get my scatterd senses together I will undoubtedly state the affair to Mr Madison and if he can, I am sure he will do what is proper I shall ask nothing as a favor—does it not appear to you from Marys Statement that Grimes had moved his family to the Plantation the only excuse I can make for his vindictive conduct is that inebriety (which I am told he is prone to) renders him as it does many others obstinate and bad temperd and he must perceive that his conduct is not justified and coward like he vents him self on the weak and defenceless—I am very apprehensive that somthing has happend Charles The yellow fever has raged in the Havanah but as they had about that period that he saild made a law to prohibit any American vessel entering their port it is possible they may have gone to some other Island and he has got to Jamaica if he is not with his Brother the chance is bad, what misery has not that wretched being brought upon his family I expect the whole will fall victims to his nefarious conduct I am very uneasy at the State of Marys health and expect she will be carri’d off with a nervous consumption as it generally attacks her breast altho her fortitude has Sustaind her thro many severe trials yet it seems impossible that she can bear such repeated strokes and not Sink under them tis hard to Administer to a diseased mind but I wish the Doctor wou’d write to her and prescribe Somthing he once recommended medicine that was of service to her when in that languid State of health after Browses birth I am very unhappy my dear friend at the Idea of Marys being taken from her family altho it wou’d be for her own happiness to quit a world so replete with eval yet I cant give her up so selfish is my dispositions. God bless you and yours

E Trist
RC (PPAmP: Catharine Wistar Bache Papers); addressed: “Mrs Cathrine Bache Franklin Court Market between 3d and 4th Streets Philadelphia”; endorsed by Bache: “Mrs Trist July 17th 1810.”
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July 17, 1810