Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Clement Caines

the retort, on European Censors, of their own practices on the liberties of man, the inculcation on the master of the moral duties which he owes to the slave, in return for the benefits of his service, that is to say, of food, cloathing, care in sickness, & maintenance under age & disability, so as to make him in fact as comfortable, & more secure than the laboring man in many most parts of the world, and the idea suggested of substituting free whites in all houshold occupations, & manual arts, thus lessening the call for the other kind of labor, while it would increase the public security, give great merit to the work, and will, I have no doubt, produce wholsome impressions.

PoC (DLC). Published in PTRJS, 4:157.
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Thomas Jefferson
Clement Caines
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September 16, 1811
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