Ellen W. Randolph (Coolidge) to Martha Jefferson Randolph

My Dearest Mother

I arrived here (after a f most fatiguing [jo]urney) on Sunday evening, found the house full of company and [w]as obligig obliged weary as I was to dress immediately and go into the [dr]awing room, Aunt Randolph would scarcely permit me to rest [. . .] few moments but hurried me out to be introduced to a number [. . .] people with some of whom I was slightly acquainted, others again [w]ere perfect strangers to me; I have been here three days & have [b]een visited by Mrs Wickam, Mrs Thornton, Mrs Page, Mrs Gamble, Mrs Duval, Miss Riddle, M the Miss Marx’s The Miss Barbers & the Miss Rutherfords.

I send you a piece of [. . .] linen to have made for me. it is very fine, a great deal too much so, and whenever I think that you are wearing [. . .] cotton whilst I am paying 40 dollars for a piece of linen for myself my conscience reproaches me & I feel my heart swell; I wished to get some that was a good deal coarser but Aunt Randolph would not permit me & said that the piece I wished wanted was too coarse & slazy; perhaps it was, but I had rather have had it.

I shall get Gabriella Taylor to make your dresses; I should have sent Sister Ann’s wrapper which is really elegant, but Miss Hay had made it very dirty; Aunt Scilla gave it to Suky to wash & she has not brought it in yet. The frock which Aunt Randolph got for me was a white lustring trimmed with a brod broad silk lace and cost only 20 dollars making & all.

I write in a great hurry & you will excuse it my blots & blurs for it is very late & I have to dress as some ladies are expected here to tea & a good many gentlemen

Adieu my dearest mother; I never know the extent of my feeling[s] towards you untill I have been seperated from you some days.

Jefferson will have his cloaths stage after next

RC (ViU: Ellen Wayles Randolph Coolidge Correspondence); dateline conjecturable based on interior evidence; mutilated.

slazy: thin or flimsy in texture; having little substance or body (OED). lustring: a glossy silk fabric (OED).