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Extract from Memoirs of a Monticello Slave, ca. 1847 [Quote]

He kept three fiddles: played in the arternoons & sometimes arter supper. This was in his early time: When he begin to git so old he didn’t play … Mr. Jefferson always singing when ridin or walkin: hardly see him anywhar out doors but what he was a-singin: Had a fine clear voice: sung minnits...

Extract from Memoirs of a Monticello Slave, ca. 1847 [Quote]

Mr. Jefferson was a tall strait-bodied man as ever you see, right square-shouldered: Nary a man in this town walked so straight as my old master: neat a built man as ever was seen in Vaginny, I reckon or any place—a straight-up man: long face, high nose.

Extract from Joseph Coolidge to Cornelia J. Randolph, 6 [Jan. 1862] [Quote]

thank dear Va for her letter to me, and for that a/c of the scoundrelism of the Secy of War; which I can well believe. when I saw him about Sidney’s commission, and handed him a letter in which S. was spoken of as having your Grandfather’s blood in his veins, he (Cameron) broke in with the remark...