Extract from Ellen W. Randolph Coolidge’s London Travel Diary

My grandfather was a true lover of music—he enjoyed all that was good of it’s kind—no one had a more true feeling for Italian music, but he likewise had a love of boyhood for the old Scotch songs. “The Lass of Patie’s Mill,” “The Broom of Cowdenows,” “Robin Adair” & “Lochaber” were among his favorites—Among mine were “T’was within a mile of Edinbro’ town,” “Galla Water,” “The yellow-haired laddie” “of a’ the airts the wind can blow” & “Kinloch of Kinloch.”

MS (MHi: Ellen Wayles Randolph Coolidge Diary, Ms N-1027); in Coolidge’s hand. Published in Thomas Jefferson’s Granddaughter in Queen Victoria’s England: The Travel Diary of Ellen Wayles Coolidge, 1838–1839, Ann Lucas Birle and Lisa A. Francavilla, eds. (2011), 71–3.
Date Range
October 1, 1838
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