Extract from Albert Gallatin to George Plitt and others

I regret extremely that I should be thus deprived of the opportunity to pay a tribute to the revered memory of him to whom I was united not only by a conformity of political principles, but by the ties of gratitude and of a personal friendship which during a period of thirty years was never interrupted, or even obscured by a single cloud ... But, as one intimately acquainted with him, and who enjoyed his entire confidence, I can bear witness to the purity of his character and to his sincere conviction of the truth of those political tenets which he constantly and openly avowed and promulgated.

Published in Henry Adams, ed., Writings of Albert Gallatin (New York, 1960); 2:603.
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Albert Gallatin
George Plitt
Date Range
April 8, 1843
Quotes by and about Thomas Jefferson