Thomas Mann Randolph to Nicholas P. Trist

Dear Sir,

The Competitor has arrived in Hampton roads all safe. This intelligence we received here early yesterday morning by the steam Boat from Norfolk, which came up about midnight—on Friday, having landed a passenger with the Professors whom he left well on Board, at City Point, whence he went to Petersburg his own residence. We return upon rising by Wednesday at the latest. The members have been going off daily for several days not withstanding the wet weather, and that indication is very sure, for none are unprincipled enough to propose very important business when nothing but the rump remains, to use the satyrical expression of old English Republican times. My rule is to hear the speakers farewell address and not to trust even where there is no appearance of danger for nothing would be easier than to carry a favorite measure by laying in concert upon an arrangement for the purpose.

Gooch at first denied having received the argument in favor of the Commonwealths right to the William & Mary Fund which you transmitted, but afterward said he believed they had it, and promised to publish it immediately. I have been so much engaged that I have not seen the Enquirer since, for I do not take it. This morning I went to the Merchants reading room & made some search but did not find the piece. I regreted much not being able to get it before I spoke in the House on that question. I first took that ground against Tyler and Upshur on my own side, and all the other party besides. I shewed that the college had no private donation made to it untill 44 years after the establishment by royal endowment, in 1691, & I brought out against them their our acknowledgement when explaining the cause of the dilapidations, that the whole amount of the private donations was lost by paper money in our revolution. War. others gave the Printers copies of their speeches I have not done it but I will some time or other shew it to you. That we may meet again in a few days is my hope at this moment. I am heartily tired of every thing in this place.

Most sincerely & affectionately yours
Th M Randolph
RC (DLC: NPT); addressed: “N. P. Trist. Esqr.”
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