Elizabeth Trist to Mary House Gilmer

My Dear Mary

I am induced to trouble you a gain with my scrawl from hearing Mrs Randolph speak of the good effect she experienced from taking charcoal when her stomach was affected by acidity I beg’d her to write the receipt which she has just brought me, I shou’d have been very unhappy had I known your situation and sufferings, but hope your health is perfectly restored ere now, I hope My Dear Mary that you will have no more such trials Peachey is a good Soul and I shall always love him for his kindness and attention to you, God grant that you may both be spared to see your children establish’d in the world but I dont wish you to have any more provided you can keep those you have, be assured that I am deeply interested in your health and welfare and your children are dear to my heart, I am not without hope that I shall see them again if not in Bedford in Albemarle I am disappointed in not seeing Nicholas ere now Browse mention’d that he was only waiting for the needful to transport him self to the country of his birth and his affections Browse assures me that it is a very great mortification and pain to them not to be able to supply me with money which my necessities must require but hopes that my credit is good at the Stores since I have got my cloathes. I have had no occasion to run much in debt for my own convenience not having a closet in my Room I ventured in the purchase of a Bureau which I shall want if I ever get an establishment of my own, it is a misfortune in old age to be destitute of a home living on the bounty of others but I have reason to be thankful for the kindness of friends and the Hospitallity I experience it wou’d be a comfort to me if I shou’d ever have it in my power to return the obligations I am under to those who are so kind to me, but if my prayers avail God will shower down his blessings on them It gives me pleasure to hear that the young people in Liberty have a chance of recreation and I hope your Illness has not deprived Emma of partaking in the usual amusements of Liberty Charlottesville has been very dull in consiquence of the Deaths that have taken place I presume, I have felt a depression my self in consequence of Doctor Raglands death and Mrs Southall I am afraid that the Boys have forgotten me assure them of my sincere wishes for their health and happiness and remember me affectionately to Mrs Mosely and the young Ladies also Mrs Stepto and her daughters not forgetting the good Man Mr Stepto wishing you all health and happiness believe sincerely your affectionate

Aunt E. Trist

Please to remember me to all the servants

RC (ViU: Edgehill-Randolph Papers); partially dated; conjectural year based on Dr. John C. Ragland’s death of 26 Dec. 1823 and the posting of his and Mrs. Mary Southall’s obituaries in the same 6 Jan. 1824 edition of the Richmond Enquirer; addressed: “Mrs Mary Gilmer Liberty Bedford County Va”; stamped; postmarked Charlottesville, 1 Feb.
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Mary House Gilmer
Date Range
January 30, 1824