Hore Browse Trist to Nicholas Philip Trist

Dear Brother

As I will not be able at any rate to leave this in this in less than two weeks if then, because I have promised Mrs Thompson to pay her a visit at Mt Holly in Jersey, which however will be accomplished in a few days (but I cannot get ready before that time) I want to know what the travelling expenses between this and w. Point amount to, and whether your credit there is good enough to furnish me with any money I shall be in want of en attendant le mien, for I will stand in need of cloathes &c. Œconomy of course could not be a motive for continuing in so expensive a place as this, but there is a difficulty in removing or changing quarters, and you have experienced a f[. . .] good deal of it in your different mutations I do not like to borrow so large a sum from Mr Bujac although under no uncertainty of receiving money to reimburse him; I think I will get half from him and deduct half from out of Mr Guillou’s bill. If I [. . .] can manage it I will certainly leave this we before it becomes Sultry because then there will be no chance for studying, as no doubt decorum in dress must be observed, such as wearing a thick coat all day &c. I am now again under the malignant influence of a bad cold which I begin to think no better than the Louisiana fevers, it seems the winter here is to last for ever, as spring has hardly begun to put forth its [. . .] buds. I asked you once if you corresponded with Ragland and where he is at present, be so good as to answer that those questions. bon soir, je nepuis veiller plus tard, car mon Rhume se facherait, it il faut ménager un Rhume, vous savez; Que la B. D. vous beniss[e]

RC (NcU: NPT); addressed: “Nichs P Trist West Point N York”; stamped; postmarked Philadelphia, 1 May.

en attendant le mien: “while waiting for mine.” bon soir ...vous benisse: “good night, I can stay up no longer, as my cold will get angry at me, and one must humor a cold, you know; May the Good Lord bless you.”

Woman Shoes
Hore Browse Trist
Date Range
April 30, 1821