Elizabeth Trist to [Elizabeth Kortright Monroe]

My Dear Friend

I am really feeling some delicacy at what I am about to exact from you as I know it will be attended with some trouble to you but your kind offer to execute my little commissions imboldens me to put your freindship to the test once more to get me a plain high posted mahogony bedstead with railing I wou’d prefer it made in the old fashion style low, as I find a difficulty in [. . .] ascending those of the present day in consiquence of my Rhumatick complaints also a chest of drawers circular front a pair of Rose blankets a peice of low priced course muslin a small looking Glass not to exceed 8 Dollars will answer for my chamber it can be wrap’d in a blanket and put in one of the drawers and if a Dozen Coffee cups and saucers a bowl or two 1 Doz Green edged Soup plates and a Doz shallow plates can be pack’d in with safty 3 or four middle sized dishes the largest about 18 inches 4 small pudding dishes a Doz common tumblers I woud wish a course blanket put about the Chest of drawers and a case made to put it in and also one for the bedstead as going so long a journey over rough roads they wou’d stand but a poor chance perhaps the crockery may add too much to the weight if so I will thank you to have them pack’d in a box with a bottle of castor oil and 2 bottles of good sweet oil as there is no Physician in the Neighbourhood of Peachy I think it Necessary to take out a little medicine for fear of the worst will enclose a memorandum which by sending to the apothacaries the articles may be got and put into the drawers the light articles the others may be put into the Box Eliza will kind enough to assist you as I am afraid that you will have too much to atten[d] to as I understand from Molly Barret that you are soon to be up I have just heard that Mr Monroe is at his plantation hope to have the pleasure of a visit from him Mr Jefferson calld last week, and dined here yesterday I never saw him look better nor appear so happy Mr Peter Carr has been riding about the country for the last two months Electionering he offers for the Senate in opposition to Mr B David S Garland but his friends are fearful that he will not suceed the election begins to day. Harriet is still with Mrs Minor who had a little one this day week. I expect to go there in a few days and spend a week in the Neighbourhood old Mrs Carr is in bad health she is with her son Sam at Dunlora Mrs P— Carr is also in the Straw Molly tells me that Eliza will certainly make you a Grand Mama ere long and that Mr Hay is quite elated at the prospect of increasing his family I shall always rejoice at any event that will contribute to her happiness I hope to see her before I go to Henry which will not be sooner than May or June I enclose a Hundred Dollars whatever may be deficient let me know and I will remit it by the first opportunity if there [. . .] are no waggons going from to Henry the things must be sent to Lynchburg but I will write to Peachy on the Subject and will let you know let them be directed to him perhaps my friends Charles Hay will interest him self in my behalf and enquire if there are any waggons from Henry that will take them this is about the time of their coming down tho it will take some time to get them in readiness I am fearful that I shall impose a very unpleasant task on you and the reflection makes me uneasy but I really am at a loss who to apply to, with the same freedom, no one I can only say that If I ever can return the obligation it will afford me the greatest pleasure I received the things commited to Mollys care and return you many thanks present me most affectionately to Eliza and Maria I am very much pleased to hear that Maria is learning her lessons so well my Compliments to Mr Hay both the Miss Hays and Charles and if you shou’d see any of Mr Edmund Randolphs family remember me to them also good wishes to Madame Beazea God bless Adieu you and be assured that

I am sincerely your friend
E Trist

I am not particular about the bedstead being mahagony cherry or any other decent looking one will answer and I woud prefer [. . .] laths for the bottom and the headboard pretty high will you let me know the price of a good hair mattress about 4 feet wide or to fit the bedsted

RC (NcU: NPT); recipient editorially conjectured based on internal evidence.
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Elizabeth Kortright Monroe
Date Range
April 3, 1809