Elizabeth Trist to Mr. Kelly


I may have acted improperly in the request I made to you Mr Randolph being the only person authorised to transact any business relating to my [. . .] in this country and thro him the application shou’d have certainly been made knowing that the property left was fully adequate to the discharge of any demands against his estate and the assurences of Mr Randolph that [. . .] there was sufficient to pay every debt and being under the impression that most of the claims had been adjusted I have commited an error unintentional which I am sorry for. from a belief that the paper was not a saleable article here, from my having purchased it for rooms of a certain size it might not suit even those who wanted to purchase, It occurd to me that it wou’d answer for rooms in my the House of my Daughter Mrs Jones and concluded if it was not disposed of that I wou’d send it with a carpet that has been laying at Milton for a long time but it is little of a importance whether it is it or not looking over some papers I met with a bill of the cost which I enclose [. . .] be assured I have no wish to dispossess you of any property belonging my Sons estate while your acct is unpaid and I am truly grieved that any difficulties shou’d have occurd to [. . .] procrastinate the period of final settlement many unlooked for and unmerited misfortunes attended my Son during his residence in this country which considerably lessend his patrimony [. . .] sufficient remains to pay every debt he and but he did not die insolvent be assured that you will not be a loser even if the funds here shoud prove insufficient as to the inconvenience that may have accrued to you from laying so long out of your Money you must place to unfortunate events which has borne equally hard on others and more cruelly so on my self

RC (NcU: NPT); at foot of text: “Mr Kelly.”
Date Range
March 27, 1809