Maria Jefferson (Eppes) to Martha Jefferson Randolph

Dear sister

Mrs Pine set off this morning to England I staid with her till a day or two before she went and am now with papa and hope to be for some time I expect to go then to mrs Brodeau. I have heard that she is a very agreeable woman and that all her scholars are very fond of her [. . .] Papa intends to go to bethlehem a place 50 miles off to see it I shall also go with him but we shall not be longer away ta than a week t will you tell jane that I have not seen dear anna’s hair that which she said [. . .] she had sent me to see how much it had grown but I should thank t you for some of it if it

adieu dear sister believe me to be yours most sincerely
RC (NcU: NPT); with note by Martha Jefferson Trist Burke: “letter from Maria Jefferson to Mrs Thomas Mann Randolph—the ‘Jane’ mentioned was aunt Jane Randolph after was Mrs Thomas Eston Randolph—‘Anna’ was is aunt Ann (Mrs Charles Lewis Bankhead[)] M.J.T. Burke Alexandria. Nov 23d 1878.”
Martha J. Trist Burke
Date Range
June 3, 1792