Ellen W. Randolph Coolidge to Bennett Taylor

I wrote to you on the 10th my dear Bennett, since which time we have heard nothing more of your exchange.1 Such matters are always slow & difficult. Mr Coolidge wrote to-day to one of our representatives to urge the point, and if not accomplished it will be from no want of effort on our part. I still hope for ultimate success, though it seems like hoping against hope—which we are commanded to do.—Nothing of late from our friends, and nothing farther from your uncle George who is no doubt safe at Pau. Your aunt Cornelia sends her love. We are expecting to hear of Browse, who you know was at Savannah.

Farewell my dear nephew. Short & unsatisfactory as my letter may be you must take it as a proof of affection from your aunt,

Ellen W. Coolidge
RC (photocopy in ViU: Bennett Taylor Papers).
1Manuscript: “exhange.”