Extract from the Boston Daily Advertiser

Major Coolidge.—We are sorry to learn that while it seems probable that Major Sidney Coolidge of the Sixteenth United States Infantry was wounded and taken prisoner at Chickamauga, his friends are still without that specific intelligence which would make it certain that he survived that terrible field.

The most circumstantial account which we have seen of the manner in which this gallant officer was lost is thus given by the Providence Post, on the the authority of a private letter from Nashville:—

“This gentleman writes that it is not certain that Major Coolidge of the regulars, was killed in the recent fight, but his brigade lost 1000 of the 1400 men of which it was composed. In the midst of the fight, Major Coolidge was seen to shoot three rebel officers with his revolver. He then rushed forward to use his sword, and was either shot or pulled from his horse.”

Published in the Boston Daily Advertiser, 12 Oct. 1863.
Sidney Coolidge
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October 12, 1863
Boston Daily Advertiser