A. C. T. to John C. R. Taylor

My dear Sir—

My husband received your letter today, requesting him to inquire for your Son Bennett. As he is on a parole it will be my pleasure to assist you in any way I can—I learned a week ago, that your Son was in the battle, and I immediately wrote a friend to search for him—The restrictions at that time, were very severe, and nothing could be learned. Since then the prisoners have been greatly scattered altho we still have many in town. I will send and write to all the different points to hear of your Son, and if he is in need, I will supply him.

Rest assured my dear sir, that I will do every thing I can for him. I devote all of my time to the prisoners now.

I have two dear Sons in my old State, and perhaps you may be called on, to do the same duty towards them, that affords me so much pleasure to do for you. Your cousin Mrs Thornton lives here. We were to have dined with her yesterday, but heard of the death of a young Cousin who was killed in Ky under Morgan.

My husband still has pleasing recollections of you, and frequently speaks of you. Hoping soon to be the bearer of good news to you

I am with great regard Most respectly yours.
A C T.

P.S. I do not dare to sign my name, but I presume you know who it is that writes you—

RC (photocopy in ViU: Bennett Taylor Papers).
A. C. T.
John C. R. Taylor
Date Range
August 1, 1863