J. S. Nicholas to John C. R. Taylor

Dear Sir.

Capt Bennett Taylor of the 19th virginia Regiment is well, & slightly wounded in the side, & wishes these facts known to his friends at home in Virginia. He is presumed to be, or to have been recently in Baltimore as a prisoner; but as intercourse with prisoners is not allowed, it is not easy to1 ascertain just now where he is. Should it be permitted by persons in authority to be known where he is, which is probable, it also, will, & probably with their approbation, be communicated to his friends.

This officer is fortunate to be among the slightly wounded, & to be otherwise well, & his few relations in Philadelphia have been informed of it.

J. S. Nicholas.
RC (photocopy in ViU: Bennett Taylor Papers); addressed: “John C. R. Taylor, Esq.”
1Manuscript: “to to.”
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J. S. Nicholas
John C. R. Taylor
Date Range
July 16, 1863