Bennett Taylor to John C. R. Taylor

my Dear Father—

I write to let you know that I am well, tho’ wounded Slightly, and a prisoner, I was not So much disabled, but that I could have walked off if I had been a little quicker. I wrote to my aunt the other day, but a very general letter, letting her know my condition &, that you were all well at last accounts, George Geiger has been with me ever since the fight He is very badly wounded—a Shot, as he was leaving the feild, hit him near the Spine, but I hope did not penetrate very far—tho’ the Spine is evidently somewhat injured. The lower half of his body is paralized—He is doing very well however—and I think stands a very good chance to get well—Please [send?] down, and let his mother know as much as you think proper of the above, best love to all.

Bennett Taylor
Capt: Co F. 19th Va
RC (photocopy in ViU: Bennett Taylor Papers).
Bennett Taylor
John C. R. Taylor
Date Range
July 9, 1863