Extract from Thomas Jefferson to J. Evelyn Denison

it has been peculiarly fortunate too that the Professors brought from abroad were as happy a selection as could have been hoped, as well for their qualifications in science as correctness and amiableness of character. I think the example will be followed and that it cannot fail to be one of the efficacious means of promoting that cordial good will which it is so much the interest of both nations to cherish. these teachers can never utter an unfriendly sentiment towards their native country; and those into whom their instructions will be infused, are not of ordinary significance only; they are exactly the persons who are to succeed to the government of our country. and to rule it’s future enmities it’s friendships and fortunes. as it is our interest to recieve instruction thro’ this channel, so I think it is yours to furnish it. for these two nations holding cordially together, have nothing to fear from the United world. they will be the models for regenerating the condition of man, the sources from which representative government is to flow over the whole earth.

PoC (DLC).