Elizabeth Trist to Hore Browse Trist

My very dear Grand Son your letter of the 18th of last month I received with heart felt pleasure, last evening, tho its contents was not alltogether calculated to increase my happiness it relieved my mind from apprehensions for your safty having heard of the fever that raged in orleans and that it was extending its ravages up the Country but I hope it has not reached you I wish from the bottom of my soul that you cou’d leave that Country, it has been fatal to our family and I dread its operation on you, leave it, my beloved Browse you are young and can make your living without so much risk tho many can make their way in that climate but they happen not to be of bilious habits, you always were from your earliest Infancy subject to bilious attacks. I am too much interested in your welfare to wish you to do any thing inimical to your interest, but your existance is of too great importance to be trifled with, if you cou’d only dispose of our property in that Country and remove to a more selubrious climate it wou’d renovate my sperits which are often depress’d on your account come my beloved Grand Son and give comfort to the declining years of your affectionate Grand Mother my time is limited and am the more anxious to see you, I wrote you that I was comfortably Lodged at Parson Hatches your Brother agreed to pay him 335 Dollars a year for my Board washing and Lodging I am perfecty satisfied with my Situation tho it seems a great deal to pay I dont think it wou’d be as expensive as keeping House not having even a servant of my own I shou’d have to purchase every thing for House Keeping, the times have become hard for me, I feel my dependent situation but I ought not to complain, Nicholas is kind to me but he thinks I believe that I am extravagant for he preaches up œconomy to me but my heart does not upbraid me with any act of extravagance having had but slender remittances since your Mothers Death obliged me to get necessarys that I stood in need of on credit they have amounted to more than I had an Idea off but am detirmined never to go in debt again for I had no Idea that I was so much in arears I shou’d be very glad if you cou’d dispose of the land at Nachez and that at the Hilands of Manshack tho I dont think you can get what it cost forty years ago, misfortunes seems [. . .] to attend us. at least I consider Louisiana as being the bane of my happiness God grant that it may not be the bane of yours leave their there as soon as you can and contribute to the comfort of your devoted Grand Mother

E Trist

Remember me to your Grand Mother Brown and tell Julien and Mary that I hope they are good children that every body may love them I have just been out to see the cavalrey in motion they are preparing to meet the Marquis they had on dark blue coats with Sky blue Silk Sashes tired round their waist on the out side of their coat. and they lookd very well any thing that is uniform looks well It will not be a long time before we shall have the pleasure to see the Marquis I hope, the weather will be favorable as I mean to take my stand to see him pass. I had the pleasure to see him in Philad and was introduced to him when he first came to America but he wou’d not know me now, forty years makes great alterations I wish you were here that you might have the honor of an introduction to him he will stay at Monticello while in this Neighbourhood, your Brother will have the honor of forming an acquaintance with him his Son George washington is with him, I walk’d with Mrs Hatch yesterday to return the visits of the Miss Terrells and saw Mrs Carr where you used to Board she enquired after your health, poor Dabney Carr has paid the debt of nature after long sufferings he has left his family in good circumstances I presume you hear frequently from your Brother he is preparing for the Bar and I hope that he will do credit to his profession

I hope to live long enough to see you for I cant be happy till I have that pleasure, if I was prepared for the awful change that must take place ere long I shou’d not care how soon I have been such an Itinerant that it makes me less happy than I shou’d be, I cant get my things from Monticello If I had Money I wou’d hire Daniel Harley to go for them

I shou’d be contented in my present situation if I cou’d get my things from the Mountain but as they will have the Marquis and several other Gentle men to provide Lodging for, I dont like to take them from there till after they leave the Mountain Remember me to all my friends including Arthur and believe me your devoted Grand Mother

E Trist
RC (DLC: NPT); addressed: “Mr Hore, Browse, Trist near Donaldson Ville Louisiana.”
Date Range
October 16, 1824