Elizabeth Trist to Nicholas P. Trist

Oh my beloved Friends what a Misfortune has come upon us, unexpected unlook’d for, if I cou’d have been taken from the world in her stead how freely wou’d I have resign’d my useless existance, but God knows best and we must endeavour to submit to his will, tis some consolation that her sufferings were of short duration she is at rest in the bosom of her God and we must endeavour to be reconciled to her irreparable loss I am sorely Afflicted, it was an unexpected1 event and tho from the numerous trials I have had, My heart was become almost insensible to those heart rending sensations, but the loss of my beloved, is so great to her family that with all my efforts I cannot be reconciled to the melancholy event—her poor Mother and Mr Tournillon and her helpless children they are the sufferers I most feel for, your self and Brother cannot but bewail the loss of So estimable a Parent but you must derive Comfort from having done nothing to make her unhappy intentionlly and that you have been enabled to make her last days happy by your presence I never expected to have the happiness of seeing her again in this world but it was a consolation to hear from her occasionally, that I am denied My health has been much impaird the last two weeks in consiquence of a bad cold but am now free from pain except what sorrow occasions Mrs Randolph Ellen and Septimia accompanied Mr Jefferson to poplar Forest about two weeks since I shou’d have gone down to New London in the Stage and have got them to send for me tho one of their Horses I heard was sick but I was too unwell to undertake the journey I pleased my self with the hope of seeing them but I fear I shall never have the pleasure to see Mr Jefferson again a Gentleman last evening inform’d me that he was in bad health and that Mrs Randolph look’d very much depress’d Mrs Randolph Cornelia and Virginia wrote to me just before they left Albemarl[e] tho in great pain I acknowledged their favors but expecting William Gilmer up daily I waited rather than put them to the expence of postage and consiquently the procrastination has caused their not getting to the Forest in time for them to receive them in my last I gave them the melancholy account of our loss I am certain that they will Sympathise in our misfortune as does every member of this family My heart is too much oppress’d to write mor[e] at present but let me hear from you as often as possible and let me know what occasion’d the fatal calamity which fell like a Mountain on my Soul but I can no more at present May God bless and support You all is the ardent prayer of your faithful Frien[d]

E Trist
RC (DLC: NPT); edge trimmed.
1 Manuscript: “unxepected.”