Edward Lowber to Arthur S. Brockenbrough

My dear sir

I have just recd and executed another order for the university amounting to 250 to 300 dollars. I am very desirous to continue to supply the Painting materials for the college: but I shall be put to very serious inconvenience by it, unless the1 payments are more prompt. In the first instance I engaged in the undertaking with [. . .] a view of securing 4 or 500 dollars due me from Collins. He then represented the contract as one by which there could be no possible loss; & stated money would be advanced for all the work done & half the amount of materials on the premises. Under this view of the subject I have be[c]ome responsible for a part of Collins debts & furnished all the materials since forwarded to the university. The [. . .] total amount has now become considerable & unless money is rep remitted I shall really be much distressed. As the young men at the university have fully engaged in the work & al on all hands, the undertaking is fully embarked in, I should be pleased to go thro’ with it; but unless, agreeably to [. . .] contract, the funds of the university admit of more prompt payments, I shall not be able to forward more materials. I do sincerely trust, sir, you will give the subject your attention, and after having considered the case, do hope your funds & dispostion will enable you admit of a speedy remittance & oblige

your humble servant very respectfully
E Lowber
RC (ViU: PP); at head of text: “A. S. Brockenbrough Esqr”; endorsed by Brockenbrough: “Lowber E. May 7h 21.”
1 Manuscript: “th.”
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Edward Lowber
Arthur S. Brockenbrough
Date Range
April 28, 1821